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Optimum is a company that provides internet services through hotspots or access points placed in different places, this company has more than 2 million free WiFi Internet access points that provide high-speed Internet connections anywhere with the same ease as at home.

How can I use the optimun hotspots?

If you have Optimum Online, you can use all Optimum hotspots completely free

You can also use them for free if you subscribe to any of the following Internet service providers

Spectrum Cable Internet
Comcast Xfinity
Brighthouse Internet
Cox Cable

How to connect to the optimun Wifi?

Entering an Optimum hotspot is very easy.

  1. The first thing you need is your Optimum ID, password and a WiFi-enabled device.
  2. If you already have an Optimum email address, your Optimum ID is the characters before the @ sign. For example, if your email is, your Optimum ID is cwilliams. Use this ID to log in with your Optimum email password.

Can I change the wifi password on an optimun hotspot?

No, the connection to optimun Wifi is automatic, so there is no way to change the wifi password of optimun. But you can change your login details to the connection and handle your personal information at the following link.

Optimum internet sign in

With the automatic login of Optimum WiFi, you only need to register your device once to the optimun wifi connection and with this you will be able to connect to the thousands of devices that exist in different places, without having to re-register.

Optimun provides several services besides the Internet, it also provides television, email, and other services. If you need more information to help you to access the wifi of optimun you can visit the help website of optimun.

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