How do I change my Optimum WiFi password?

It is important today to keep our internet connections active, so in this tutorial, we will show you how you can update the Wifi password of optimum easily.

How to Change Optimum Wifi Password on Netgear router?

If you have an internet service contracted with Optimum you probably have a Netgear branded router or modem, if so we will show you the steps to change the wifi password on this model of device.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are connected to the Optimum Wifi network that you want to change the Wifi key.
  1. Open an internet browser and place the following address or
  2. If you request a user and a password, you must type the word admin in both spaces.
  3. In the menu on the left side, on the Settings tab.
  4. Here you can edit the Network Name (SSID) option and rename your Wifi network. netgear optimum wifi
  5. To change the wifi password we must go to security options, and look for the password option.
  6. Once we change the options we must click Apply to save the changes correctly.

How to Change Optimum Wifi Password on ASUS router?

  1. You must first access the web address
  2. In User and Password type admin
  3. Once you enter, go to the options on the left and click on Wireless. asus
  4. Then click General.
  5. In the option network name(SSID), you can change the network Wifi name.
  6. In the WPA Pre-shared key option you must enter the new wifi key for your network.
  7. Remember to click Apply to save your changes.
Once you change the Wifi password and apply the changes you will lose the internet connection via WiFi. You must put the new Wifi password on devices that require an internet connection.

How can I use the Optimum hotspots?

If you have Optimum Online, you can use all Optimum hotspots completely free. You can also use them for free if you subscribe to any of the following Internet service providers:

  • Spectrum Cable Internet
  • Comcast Xfinity
  • Brighthouse Internet
  • Cox Cable

How to connect to the optimum Wifi?

Entering an Optimum hotspot is very easy.

  1. The first thing you need is your Optimum ID, password, and a WiFi-enabled device.
  2. If you already have an Optimum email address, your Optimum ID is the characters before the @ sign. For example, if your email is, your Optimum ID is cwilliams. Use this ID to log in with your Optimum email password.

Can I change the Wifi password on an optimum hotspot?

No, the connection to optimun Wifi is automatic, so there is no way to change the wifi password of optimun. But you can change your login details to the connection and handle your personal information at the following link.
If you had trouble following the tutorial you can leave us a comment to help you, or you can visit the optimum help site.
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