How restore text messages with iphone ?

Many times by mistake we delete the text messages and they contain information that we want to recover.

If you want to recover deleted text messages from your iphone this information is for you.

Can I recover deleted text messages ?

Yes, you can, If you have a backup of your device on icluod or on your computer you can restore those messages from that backup.

How to restore deleted messages from a backup?

Before you start restoring messages you should know that you need to erase all the current information on your iphone

I recommend saving the data you need on your computer or USB.

  • First step, click on settings
  • Second step, select General

  • On the next screen click Reset

  • Now click on Erase All Content and Settings

Restoring deleted messages

Once we clicked on Erase All content and settings, your iphone will reboot. Now we need to configure the device to load the backup.

  • When the device shows us the information screen, we must load the backup that we had saved. You must select the option where you have the saved data.

If you select the option to restore from iCloud backup remember that you must have the user and password, If you select the restore option from itunes backup remember that you must select the backup with the date on which you had the text messages you want to recover.

This process can take several minutes. Once the process is complete you will have your device as it was at the time of backup configured.

Remember to back up your iphone every day so you don’t lose important data, you can only recover messages that have been saved to backups.



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