How to recover deleted photos from samsung phone?

If you deleted any important photos or images by mistake, here are several ways to recover it.

One of the biggest problems we face almost all when we have a mobile device is the loss of photos, videos and files of all kinds. Unfortunately, Samsung does not offer backup by default on our phones, so today we will teach you how to recover deleted photos from Samsung phones.

With the help of various cloud services from Google and Samsung we can get to retrieve our images or videos, but there is also a way to do so if we did not have these tools properly configured. If you have enabled Gallery Sync with your Samsung account, the pictures you delete will be saved for 15 days in the Recycle Bin.

If the above solution does not work for you, you can try the following methods:

Restore photos from Samsung Cloud

Before you can retrieve photos from Samsung mobile phones, you must have an active Samsung account and have the Samsung Cloud feature set up. You can check this from the “Settings” > “Cloud and accounts” > “Samsung Cloud”.

Once this is done, go to the gallery and check that deleted images and videos have been saved to the cloud by:

  • Press the three-point button in the upper-right corner.
  • Enter Settings.
  • Select Cloud View.
  • Check if the photos that have disappeared you appear here.
  • If they don’t appear, look in the Recycle Bin that you can also find within the Gallery settings.

Restore photos from Google Photos

More and more mobiles have Google Photos installed by default, with the option to back up our data enabled. Thanks to this we can also recover deleted photos on Samsung mobiles.

  • Access the Google app and find photos that would have disappeared.
  • To save them back to your phone select one by one, or make a multiple selection, and click on the 3-point menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Here you must select “Save to Device”.

Retrieve deleted photos with DiskDigger

If you haven’t saved your photos in Samsung Cloud and you don’t have Google Photos installed, it’s not all lost yet. You can use a file recovery app like DiskDigger to recover deleted photos from your mobile.

This app scans the storage and microSD card (if installed on your Samsung device) for deleted photos so you can save them to the Dropbox or Google Drive cloud. It is safe and does not overwrite important data.

Like many other data recovery tools, DiskDigger does not require having the mobile as root. It has a free version that allows you to recover photos and videos deleted from Android recently, but the paid version is able to recover files deleted from a long time back.


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