How to restore contacts from icloud?

If you have an iphone and you need to restore the contacts here you will find the information to do it using the icloud.

Iphone is one of the most used phones worldwide, for its speed and elegance many people prefer them.

Many times by mistakes ours we deleted some contact that we needed and now we can not find it and we do not know what to do in those cases.

Thanks to the usually our iphone keeps backups set up in the icloud it is very easy to recover those contacts.

How to restore contacts on iphone from icloud ?

Before we start the process you should know that once we set up the contact backup we will have the contacts that we had on the date of the backup, so if you have new contacts that you do not want to lose I recommend to make a backup of that contact information.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Scroll down, and in the Advanced section, click Restore Contacts or Restore Favorites.
  4. Click Restore next to the date before the content deletion.
  5. Saves to Click Restore to confirm the action.
  6. Once the process is over, you’ll receive a notification on and an email at the address registered with your Apple ID
icloud contact backup

Once we finish the steps, our contacts will be restored. If you had a problem in performing the recovery process do not hesitate to leave a comment or visit the iphone help site here.

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